The main stages of the process of jewelry making wrist replica watches

1. Look at the stone. Look at the gemstones of shape and character, look at the cracks that the stone cracks Rolex replica and can withstand the pressure required by the label.

2. Swing. Put a ring in the jewelry box and see if it is suitable for inserting the command stone. If the replica watch climbing is not long enough, you can install tin.

3. Positioning. Use a form of gem to measure, which replica rolex watches indicates the insertion of the metal jewel mouth, determine the size of the position, which requires inlaying, the first tooth, and grinding it into a vohnutu groove with a needle until the tin is not zafiksuyutsya. The needle, again in the gap between the upper claws, is convenient to fix the gemstone gem's discretionary umbrella, each position must wear the balance agreed by others may not be high, low, or appear after the rough is now a stone.

4. Enter the stone. Place the pearls in the pre-inserted and confirm that the pearls fake watches and lining are evenly balanced. Superficial balance is not free, not biased, but completely obedient.

5. Sturdy stone. The gemstone will be placed in the insert to be fixed. At the set time, the force must be applied according to the hardness of each gemstone. Use a clip to make sure it is uniform, such as excessive force, which can damage the gem; it is not difficult, maybe a hard stone, it is easy to lose.

6. Repair. After a lot of difficult procedures, so as not to leave the pliers, documents, seals damaged jewelry is quite beautiful, it is necessary to repair, especially the leg minister and short, pay attention to safety when restoring the fake Rolex claws, it is best to protect with your fingers Gem, and use his claws and sandbox files to correct and fix.