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Everyone has a different skin tone, also known as primary and shades that are best for yellow, fresh colors, pink, blue, red, and more. D. High concentration makes people look bright and radiant. An honest person can easily determine your basic color because many colors can be used as the main color. Dark skin, however, should choose pink and green as the main color. If the color is dark, even a brown color is definitely not the main color. How about a yellow fluffy man? Please stay away from red and yellow. They may not be your main color. However, people with dark skin should replica rolex choose a brighter color as the background color.

Body shape tends to define human temperament, so consider body shape and worry about temperament. You must choose a wide variety of replica watches, a bit bold in style and style, and even choose other phenotypes, such as military fake watches. Smaller ones must be chosen smaller. The average size of the shell is easy to choose and the occasional large manpower will increase, while the small size may be modest and reserved.

Like a fake watch, some people think that this is just a small decoration, so you should choose a replica watches, but this is not the case. It is very easy to understand that everyone should wear, no one will look at the clothes, the result will be a highlight of the highlights, it follows the clothes you should choose to look at, remember, do not use the decoration of the clock clothes.

For short, thin steel sheets, there is a book roll that you can match with a cloak. This beautiful watch has 100 kolakuvannya pledovym equipped steel edge will not be too exaggerated. In addition, some of the new men's watches are finished with polished steel with leather straps and can be worn in casual situations.

Choose more subtle and flexible sports replica watches, such as fake watches as a design element of golf can be seen everywhere, the combination of fitness design will bring more fashion sense. Elegant style can wear sports equipment, not only for sports, but for space sensitive and wild suede clothing.

For super time, because as a business card, boutique, the watch is simple and easy, without any activity, simple, suitable for business meetings, daily work situations and handling of clothing colors. This type of replica watch corresponds to autumn and winter clothing velvet fabric.